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A Step by Step Guide for Placement Preparation | Set 1

Campus placements season is beginning at almost all the colleges and each one of us wants to prepare to do the best. A lot of students have been asking on different forums “How to use GeeksforGeeks for placement preparation”? In this article, a step by step guide for placement preparation is discussed. Steps Aptitude Test… Read More »

HP R&D Interview Experience | Set 4 (R&D Lab Bangalore)

First round: 20 Aptitude Questions 22 Technical Questions and 8 OOPS Questions(CPP or Java). NO CODING QUESTIONS. Level of both Aptitude and Technical was tough. Second Round:TECHNICAL( Lasted about 45 mins-1 hour) Storage classes; SET bits in a number; puzzles on tanks;pointers; OSI MODEL; Linked list coding; fork(); vfork() ; semaphore; mutex; Talk about project and resume’… Read More »

Directi Interview | Set 13

There was coding round on CodeChef for 3 hours duration. You cannot use custom test cases within their IDE or edit your code after running. Coding Problem 1 Amanada, a school kid, is learning English alphabets. Her teacher devised a small game to make the task fun. A grid of ‘m’ rows and ‘n’ columns… Read More »

Iterator Functions in Python | Set 1

Perquisite: Iterators in Python Python in its definition also allows some interesting and useful iterator functions for efficient looping and making execution of the code faster. There are many build-in iterators in the module “itertools“. This module implements a number of iterator building blocks. Some useful Iterators : 1. accumulate(iter, func) :- This iterator takes… Read More »

Amazon Interview Experience | Set 301(On-Campus for Internship+ FTE)

Round 0: (Written): 20 MCQs + 2 Coding Questions: MCQs – Topics: OS – Page fault, Waiting time (RR Scheduling), Paging, Semaphores, etc. DS – Hashing (simple chaining based numerical) Aptitude – 1 Probability question, Puzzle – 1 question, C– 2 questions, etc. Coding Questions: Given a list of n strings group all anagrams together Example:… Read More »

Statistical Functions in Python | Set 1 (Averages and Measure of Central Location)

Python has the ability to manipulate some statistical data and calculate results of various statistical operations using the file “statistics“, useful in domain of mathematics. Important Average and measure of central location functions : 1. mean() :- This function returns the mean or average of the data passed in its arguments. If passed argument is… Read More »

Geek on the Top – Harshil Shah | Solving lots of easy problems are not as beneficial as practicing some hard problems

Geek on the top is all about success stories of Geeks who are working hard to chase their goals and are inspiration for other geeks. Harshil Shah might not need introduction to many geeks reading this article. He is a super talented programming nerd with so many contest positions in his profile , Adobe Hackathon, SnackDown,… Read More »

HSBC interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Interview experience: 2 profiles , one for legacy technologies one for new age technologies(big data, cloud computing,data analytics) Round 1: Written round consisting of 5 sections verbal(passage / article consisting of 20 blanks),analytical/aptitude(very basic questions),attention(very easy),C&Data Structures(easy includes sorting, graph, output questions),Java(involved a bit concepts interface ,threading , collections ). It had sectional cut-off and… Read More »

Fidelity Investments Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

Firstly, an online round was conducted. It consisted of verbal and aptitude questions only. No technical or coding questions. Shortlisted 48 out of around 100 students for the interviews. There were 2 rounds of interviews. 1. Technical Interview The interviewer covered almost all the topics that are generally asked in the technical interviews. The asked… Read More »

Oracle Interview Experience | Set 34 (On-campus for Application Developer)

Firstly, an online test was conducted on Oracle platform, consisting of 4 sections – Verbal, Aptitude, Programming Skills, Computer Science Concepts. There was separate time for each section, and each section contained subsections as well. Shortlisted 40 out of 65 students for the interviews. There were 4 rounds of interviews. 1. Technical Interview *Check whether… Read More »

Morgan Stanley Interview | Set 21 (On-Campus for Internship)

Morgan Stanley visited our college to hire summer interns(3rd year students). Firstly, an online test was conducted(90 minutes duration) on HackerRank, consisting of 19 MCQs(Data Structures, C concepts, programming concepts, data interpretation, verbal skills) and 2 coding questions(One based on string manipulation and other based on All-Pair Shortest Path Graph). 12 out of around 100… Read More »

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